The WHY of work

  Often when I give informational interviews and I ask something like “what would you like to do?” it becomes very clear from their answer very quickly that the person is only thinking about problems and challenges the way that they had been framed in school.  “I like to critically deconstruct political speeches for what […]

the HOW of work

I have approached the question of the HOW a couple different ways in discussions on this blog, so first let me say a bit more about what I mean by the HOW of work.  Here I am I referring to how you think and the way that you see the world and how this shapes the problems […]

WaLK series: the WHERE of work

Today we begin a 7 part blog series exploring the WHO (x2), WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of WORK.  These work interrogatives are a tool for thinking – and these weekly WaLK prompts are designed to get you thinking about one in depth by doing some quick, reflective writing for a Pomodoro – or […]

The WaLK signs

As a thought exercise this week on my writing retreat, I have been putting these two career images into conversation with one another: Dick Bolles’ seven petals from What Color is Your Parachute? and Karen Newhouse’s venn diagrams from Beyond the Ivory Tower: <Yeah, it’s a career guide mash-up!!> As I see them shake out, […]

The return of the WaLK series

I am delighted to announce the re-launching of the WaLK (What a Linguist Knows) series here on Career Linguist – as a series of weekly posts (on Tuesdays) that will get you taking small, but very practical steps to navigate your career. Playing with the metaphor of the career as journey, the idea here with […]