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Watch your language: how word choice can sabotage workplace collaboration

when I approached linguist Anna Marie Trester, a lecturer at San Francisco State University, with an exhaustive list of questions about how to stop using the wrong words in our professional relationships—words that stifle collaboration or make it harder to build connections—I, too, expected prescriptive answers in return.

Trester hesitates to be prescriptive, for good reason. She gives me the same advice she gives her clients: Language doesn’t really work that way.

South Dakota State University – April 2017

In the Moment with Lori Walsh – South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Coverage of the workshop in the SDSU collegian

Business of Language podcast August 2015  The Business of Language Podcast

Career Linguist was featured on Tammy Bjelland’s excellent podcast, The Business of Language; check it out here and in the excerpt below:

Anna shares some excellent tips on how language and linguistics majors (and anyone on the job market!) can craft their own stories to better position themselves for potential jobs. One tool she uses herself and explains in the interview is one that I’m now working on, as well: pocket examples. You can listen more about using stories in career searching, and you can also read her post on the topic.

Anna Marie TresterLinguistic Society of America December 2014

Career Linguist was featured on the Linguistic Society of America’s “Member spotlight” series;  check it out here and in the excerpt below:

Anna Marie Trester is an associate on the Learning team at the FrameWorks Institute. Prior to joining FrameWorks, she served as the Director of the MA in Language and Communication (MLC) Program in the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University, where she worked with students to apply their sociolinguistic training to professional contexts. She has taught courses at Georgetown University, Howard University, and University of Maryland, University College on topics including cross-cultural communication, language and social media, and the ethnography of communication.

All Things Linguistic October 2013All Things Linguistic

Career Linguist was featured on Gretchen McCulloch’s fabulous blog, All Things Linguistic (excerpt below):

I’ve described myself as a “Career Linguist” — in addition to the fact that linguistics is my career, I’m also interested in linguistics as a career, especially outside academia. I do research in self-presentation and the language of business, and I work with professionally-oriented linguistics Masters students to help them figure out where to use their skills and training. Click here to real the full profile

Better Said than Done October 2012

“Spotlight” series, (excerpt below):

When did you tell your first story and what was that experience like?
I have been telling stories for as long as I can remember. My mother tells me that I was developing my comedic timing even with the noises that I would make as a baby in church. Apparently, just as the priest was building to some big moral proclamation of great import, he would pause dramatically, which I would take as the opportunity to let out some giant squeal, causing the audience (er, congregation) to burst into laughter. Once I learned that I could do that, I was hooked. Poor man had to change his style of making his homily. Click here to read the full post

I have also been interviewed about political discourse

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