the HOW of work

I have approached the question of the HOW a couple different ways in discussions on this blog, so first let me say a bit more about what I mean by the HOW of work.¬† Here I am I referring to how you think¬†and¬†the way that you see the world and how this shapes the problems […]

A story approach to career

In her excellent book Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling to Get Jobs and Propel Your Career (2009), Katharine Hansen gives the following activity for finding your stories: Identify a dozen or so help-wanted ads or Internet job postings that typify the kind of job you seek. List keywords that describe the skills and characteristics required […]

Most popular posts about storytelling

Pocket Examples¬†(so popular, I have given it it’s own link in the drop down menu) Stories about Profession¬†– how did you become an X? Finding your lens through story¬† Job posting: long-form storyteller Sounding over-rehearsed – wisdom from storytelling¬† Story Finding

Storytelling for Career

I adopt a story approach to career, which I see as being organized into three discrete kinds of activities: story listening, story finding and story telling. And these can be organized along a ‚Äúcline of agentivity‚ÄĚ such that if you are looking for the place to start, start with story listening. ¬†Listening to stories is […]

About Job Interviews

Job interviews are all about building a frame, and there are two elements which help you to build this frame: the Speech Act of questions and narratives. In this resource sheet, I provide you with an overview of my thoughts for how to prepare for a job interview, including scheduling a mock interview. I offer […]

Featured on the Business of Language podcast

Career Linguist was¬†featured on Tammy Bjelland’s excellent podcast, The Business of Language check it out here¬†and in the excerpt below: In this episode of the Business of Language Podcast, I interview Anna Marie Trester, also known as the Career Linguist. Anna has a PhD in Sociolinguistics from Georgetown University, and she works at the FrameWorks […]