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Individual Consulting

Designed to help bring your linguistic training, skills, and understanding to the language that you use to talk about yourself and your work.


Designed to help linguistics students become more aware of the transferability, applicability, and training of our skills in a range of professional contexts.


Designed to work through a career transition, focusing on career and how a story approach can transform your ability to connect.

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“Every interaction I've had with Career Linguist has helped me focus my search for the right career path and set me up for a successful job search.”

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Karen Tsai


Careers for Linguists. Linguistics for Career.

Exploring the connections between linguistics as a field of study and a way of thinking, Career Linguist will guide you through ways in which the powerful observational, analytical skills, and abilities cultivated by a background in linguistics can be employed in a diverse range of professional workspaces. 

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Whether you’re curious about services, community, or even linguistics, we’re here to answer any questions.