workshop: “Preparing for What’s Next”

2015 Linguistic Summer Institute Workshop: Professional Paths for Linguists: Preparing For What’s Next (as part of the Linguistics Summer Institute) Saturday, July 18th 2015 **Please pre-register by July 15th 2015** This full-day workshop is for anyone interested in exploring career paths for linguists. We will approach the job search as a research process, starting with […]

How to begin

When you’re starting to think about how to apply your training as a linguist to an industry or organization that you’re interested in, where do you begin? How do you define linguistics and communicate your strengths? What is an informational interview? You’ve scored the interview – how do you prepare? Here’s a quick overview of these topics […]

Media appearances

Zendesk Relate blog piece BY TARA RAMROOP Watch your language: how word choice can sabotage workplace collaboration when I approached linguist Anna Marie Trester, a lecturer at San Francisco State University, with an exhaustive list of questions about how to stop using the wrong words in our professional relationships—words that stifle collaboration or make it harder to […]

About jobseeking

Job searching for linguists: Studied linguistics and now in the process of searching for a job?  Firstly,  its important that you recognize the career path that you are already on because you are not “just starting” this process – what you are doing is figuring out your next steps: here are some ideas.  Want to […]

TMAY in everyday life

In the course that I teach, the MLC Professionalization seminar (Prosem), we practice professional self-presentation by focusing on genres like the elevator pitch and the Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) question in job interviews.   But opportunities to talk about yourself are not limited to the job search context.  In the classroom, you are often called […]

Asking for what you don’t want

A strategy that I have become very aware of lately in professional self-presentation is that of telling an interlocutor who you are and what you want by way of talking about what you don’t (or something that you didn’t like, or were told you couldn’t have). A recent example was a student beginning a statement […]

Emily Pace – Part II

The Career Profiles in Linguistics section regularly highlights career paths taken by linguists. If you would like to recommend someone (including yourself) for a future profile, please contact Career Linguist. Emily Pace is the Principal Linguist at Expert System USA. She earned her MS in Theoretical Linguistics from Georgetown University, where she also studied French […]