Pocket Full-of-Stories

Approach your next career event – be it gearing up for some networking or (informational) interviews, launching your book/ album, or curating your professional portfolio – by having a set of stories at the ready.

It only takes an hour (on your part).

Three of us come together for a chat on zoom (you and two story listeners). We’ll kick things off with a story finding exercise to get memories rolling. Then, you’ll share some of what you found: images and memories of projects, colleagues, and collaborators that form key moments from your work life. These reveal patterns and become the raw material for stories.

We’ll activly story listen by putting your stories into conversation with one another, but also by putting your stories into conversation with your work values, as revealed through the your results from the VIA inventory that you will have done ahead of time. 

Next, we story listeners will do some story work behind the scenes, and you’ll receive – a few days later – a story telling guide indicating which stories stuck in our minds. These highly memorable stories and story sparks merit a coveted spot in your “pocket, “and we’ll reflect with you about how you can best use them.

You’ll then show up to your career moment not only with a pocket full of stories, but with the peace of mind of knowing how HOW your stories are doing what you want to DO in that moment.

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An Example “pocket” story (used on her business website) :

Here’s what people are saying about Pocket Full of Stories:

“You helped me to tell my story in a way that felt right and true for me and that also connected with my audience.  I really appreciate your help and support! Thank you!”

“It was totally FUN, but it also felt like I was discovering patterns in my work that were giving me some glimmers of insight into how I work and what kind of work I really enjoy”

“Thank you so much for the pocketful of stories session last night. I am still thinking about it this morning — you were able to draw out of me some ways of articulating those career values I have identified concretely and specifically in ways I don’t think I could have done on my own. I look forward to getting your notes and feedback from the session but am already off and running, thinking about how I might retool my standard cover letter and resume to make them show more of the person behind the job.”

Starting with the character/values assessment was especially illuminating. Rather than fishing for examples from my resume (as has often been the case with interview prep), I felt that the stories emerged organically and authentically and—more importantly—they stuck! Throughout the process, your insightful follow-up questions allowed me to sift out overlooked yet valuable nuggets of experience, while linking together professional skills and creative pursuits in productive and unexpected ways. I will refer back to these portable “story seeds” often, and can already see them bearing new fruits.