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Brief Bio:

Dr. Anna Marie Trester is an interactional sociolinguist and storyteller whose research and practical interests center around the language of work and career. She has worked with hundreds of linguists to find professional expression of their skills and training, and is the founder of Career Linguist, a blog and resource center for career exploration.

Longer Bio (250 words):

Anna Marie Trester is a linguist and storyteller. She finds expression for her passion for language through her avocation as a storyteller and her vocation as a trainer at the FrameWorks Institute, a social change communications firm. Before working at FrameWorks, she was the director of the Master’s program in Language and Communication (MLC) at Georgetown University’s linguistics department. She is committed to helping linguists find professional expression of their work and helping the “world of work” realize just how much it is that they need linguists!

An applied sociolinguist, her research interests include language and the performance of identity, professional self-presentation, uses of social media, and the language of business, all of which come together in her recent research on the language of LinkedIn. She has been published in journals such as Text and Talk, Language and Society, the Journal of Sociolinguistics and is the co-editor (with Deborah Tannen) of Discourse 2.0: Language and New Media, published in 2013 and the author of Bringing Linguistics to Work, published in 2017. She received her MA in linguistics from New York University in 2002 and her PhD from Georgetown in 2008.

She has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level at San Francisco State University, Georgetown University, Howard University, the University of Alberta and the University of Maryland, University College (UMUC) including such courses as: framing for social change, cross-cultural communication, language and social media, and the ethnography of communication.

Her Twitter handle is @CareerLinguist, and she blogs at Career


We studied linguistics. What’s next?

Twitter: @careerlinguist


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Book blurb:

The world of work needs linguists, but most would-be employers don’t know it. And employers aren’t the only ones in the dark. Linguists may intuitively sense that they have a role to play in the world of work, but lack a clear sense for what that might look like, and have trouble finding the people with whom to talk for concrete guidance.  But we linguists can’t expect the world of work to come looking for us. We need to Bring Linguistics to Work.

Workshop blurb:

Bringing Linguistics to Work(shop) has been designed to help linguistics students become more aware of (and better able to show) the transferability and applicability of our skills and training in a range of professional contexts. Focusing on story as a central tool, and sharing stories of career linguists who have found innovative ways to put linguistics to work, this workshop is designed to engender a sense of ownership, agency, and creativity to thinking about career.


Anna Marie Trester, photo: Eden Hansen

Anna Marie Trester, photo: Eden Hansen

Anna with WIT students
Anna Marie with students, photo: Washington Improv Theater

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Bringing Linguistics to Work
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