Storytelling for Business

So you’re heading to a networking event, and you want to have some stories at the ready to tell about yourself.

In her storytelling for business workshops, Jessica Piscitelli Robinson of Better Said Than Done teaches that you can have four kinds of business story:

  • a story about you
  • a story about your client
  • a story about your client’s customer
  • or a story about your non-client

This last category is a story about someone who could have used your expertise, but they did not, either because they didn’t know about you, or chose not to engage you. Jessica is a videographer and she can tell a non-client story about some events that had some wonderfully emotional toasts (and reactions to them) that might have been but were never captured for posterity.  I find the story of the non-client to be one that is particularly useful in networking when you are trying to motivate someone to hire you!

Interested in trying it out?  Sign up for a workshop here:
Your Business Story: Crafting your company tale