Resources for jobseekers

10 things – a short, motivational video tutorial with ideas about kickstarting your jobsearch TODAY!

Bringing Linguistics to Work – written by a linguist, for linguists, and with plenty of story examples – not to mention guided instructions towards crafting and adapting your own career stories – Bringing Linguistics to Work is the go-to guide for linguists in the professional world.

Here on this blog, I share lots of resources about the genres of professional self-presentation: There’s the all-important Resume and  don’t forget the one-stop shop for everything Career Exploration, Career Education, and Professional self-presentation:  LinkedIn!!

Get yourself started by putting yourself into Conversation with a Job Ad:

Communities to Join
Ling-outside a google group for Alt-Ac Linguists
Versatile PhD – a resource for graduate students preparing for non-academic careers
On LinkedIn, find the group called meta-talk founded by MLC alumna Sonia Checchia

Professional Associations for Linguists:
The LINGUIST List, housed at Eastern Michigan University, bills itself as “The world’s largest on-line linguistic resource.” The Jobs area of the site offers position listings in private industry and academia. People and Organizations includes links to 207 linguistic societies and professional associations related to Linguistics worldwide. The Linguist List also provides an FAQ on lx as a career.
Linguistic Society of America Housed in Washington, D.C. the LSA is the largest linguistic society in the world. Membership is required to search their jobs site, but resources accessible to the public include this piece on Jobs and Interviewing in Linguistics.
American Association of Applied Linguistics
American Anthropological Association

A tremendous resource from Victoria University Wellington:

Career View – Linguistics

Sites to Search for Job postings:

Industry Specific job boards on Quint Careers

The top ten niche job boards

Want to explore careers broadly, and learn about informational interviewing while you are at it?  Check out Careers Out There a collection of interviews from a range of industries and professional worlds.