Seeing your resume as others see it

With a partner, you can check whether what you think you are saying in your resume is actually coming across.

The activity:

Have your partner read your resume and tell you the story of your work.  What jumps out at them?  What questions are they left with?

Does what they got from your resume feel like it accords with your experience of your work history?  This tells you whether your resume is telling the story that you want it to.

The follow-up conversation:

Other things to ask specifically for input about:

  • how easily readable it is
  • Is there enough white space?
  • Are things balanced/symmetrical (we really can craft a resume that is symmetrical, even though our lived experience of work is probably much more lopsided)
  • What keywords are missing?
  • Are you using the most compelling verbs that you can be using?
  • What is the overall tone that you are giving off?

And remember, this input is being offered generously, in a spirit of support.  You don’t need to feel compelled to take any of it, but  accept it graciously, and in the spirit with which it has been given. Know that all of the above is very useful information to know.