How to begin

When you’re starting to think about how to apply your training as a linguist to an industry or organization that you’re interested in, where do you begin? How do you define linguistics and communicate your strengths? What is an informational interview? You’ve scored the interview – how do you prepare? Here’s a quick overview of these topics — and some valuable “to-dos” to keep in mind:

Career Exploration

  • If you are just beginning to explore what options might be available to you, think broadly, think creatively!!!
  • Give Katharine Brooks a read!!Screenshot 2015-06-28 13.20.59
  • Start shifting your deictic center.
  • One of the best places to begin to explore career ideas is LinkedIn. If you have never thought about using LinkedIn as a research tool, check out my presentation on Slideshare!  Or simply begin by typing “Linguistics” into the search box, plus any other terms that might interest you (i.e. editing, travel, medicine).  How have others found ways to combine these topics?  See All Things Linguistic’s post on “Linguistics + X”

        Career Education

Professional Self-Presentation

Of course you’ll need a resume and a cover letter.
You will want to do role plays to hone your interviewing skills.
develop a handful of
Pocket Examples.
Find an overview of my perspective on these genres as a linguist

Want More Resources?


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Research organizations that hire linguists!