Thank you so much for the truly inspiring presentation you delivered for our language studies community here at USF. As a testament to your ability to connect with a diverse audience, I received enthusiastic feedback about your talk from students enrolled in undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Linguistics! Several students reported to me that they plan to immediately put to use the excellent job searching strategies as well as the concrete information you provided about employment options in our field.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for all things language-related with our students. We’d love to have you join us again, whenever your schedule permits.

Camilla Vásquez, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics ​
Department of World Languages University of South Florida

I just wanted to thank you for your time and great talks this week. I’m a senior Linguistics major graduating (to my surprise) in May, and looking at the future was a bit daunting. One of the things I love about this major is its incredible versatility, but the many choices can be overwhelming. You gave me some amazing ideas of where to begin and how to maximize my chances of finding a job in the field that I love.

So, thank you again. I hope we can stay in touch, because I’m sure I’ll have thousands of answers as my job hunt continues.


Hayley C.
University of Colorado, 2014
Linguistics Major

I want to thank you for your presentation on Friday – it was very encouraging. In particular, it was wonderful (rather than terrifying) to hear that we can’t know exactly what jobs will be available when the time comes to look for them. I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about the fact that I’m not priming myself for a specific job or career path, but the fact that I can’t know exactly how the job market will look when I finally finish school has prevented me from setting out a very specific long term plan. Now I’m more confident in my approach of picking up skills (Python will now be a priority) and pursuing the ideas that intrigue me while I have the resources available in school. You’ve successfully reduced one of my biggest anxieties over graduate school. Thank you!

Anna J.
University of California Berkeley
Ling Ph.D. student