Workshop: Storytelling for Career

In this workshop, we will think about the series of texts and interactions that comprise the jobsearch as a series of stories and explore the idea that jobsearching is basically a three-stage process of story listening, story finding, and storytelling. Paying attention for stories will bring life to your job search in three important ways: 1)in listening to the stories told by organizations you can be hearing ways in which you “fit”, 2) in finding your own stories you will have examples at the ready in job interviews, and 3) in telling stories that resonate, you will get recognized and remembered.

Over the course of the workshop, you will have the chance to tell a couple stories and give and receive feedback on the stories of your fellow participants.  Come with your resume, one idea about a dream organization that you might like to work for one day, and at least one idea for a story to tell! (one which shows you at work).

You will leave with a pocket full of stories!