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Bringing Linguistics to Work

You were drawn to linguistics as a course of study because you enjoy tackling challenges, so why not bring the skills you have honed to professional challenges that speak to you? The world (of work) needs linguists!!


Linguists possess a unique set of analytical skills that are applicable in any professional context, and which may also be brought to the process of finding the job. Who better to tackle the series of texts and interactions that comprise the job search than someone trained to critically analyze language? There’s no reason our cover letters shouldn’t be the very best ones out there!! In this book, Anna Marie Trester shares stories of professional linguists to help answer the perennial question “linguistics? what can you do with that?” along with developmental activities to help you use the tools and skills you already possess to navigate your career next steps. “Here’s to what’s next!”


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Employing Linguistics

Using insights drawn from the experiences of professional linguists working in a range of domains, this book is an essential resource to help you recognize the value and relevance of your skills and training as a linguist in the job market. No matter where you are in your career – just starting a first job or reflecting back on 30 years – this book provides an interpretive frame for catalyzing momentum around what comes next.

Encouraging you to approach your career with agency and curiosity, Anna Marie Trester details the myriad ways that linguists can contribute meaningfully to the world of work. Exploring the connections between linguistics as a field of study and a way of thinking, she details the ways in which the powerful observational and analytical skills and abilities cultivated by a background in linguistics can be employed in a diverse range of professional workspaces. With activities, exercises, and a review of career literature, Employing Linguistics helps you seek and create opportunities as you choose what challenges to focus on next.

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"Insightful, engaging, and practical, Bringing Linguistics to Work guides linguists in recognizing just how knowledgable, talented, and necessary they are in the 'real' world beyond academia - and how to find their place there."

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Natalie Schilling, Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University