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Campfire Stories is a space for conversations about careers paths of linguists, hosted by Career Linguist, Anna Marie Trester.

Yuliya Manyakina: UX Researcher

There is always a lot going on here at Career Linguist! 


Watch Dr. Anna Marie Trester interview Linguist & UX Researcher, Yuliya Manyakina, as she gives great concrete examples of her work and ideas as a linguist transitioning into UX. She’s on a mission to help other linguists transition into their dream roles. It was a pleasure hosting our new guest in the Campfire Stories Series. 


Are you a linguist that’s interested in learning about other careers like taxonomy, healthcare communications, or market research? We are here to support linguists and language lovers because we understand that community plays an important role in every aspect if our lives. At Career Linguist, it has been our goal to create a community that linguists can advocate and support each other in the world of work. Why? Because the world of work needs linguists.


One of our goals is to celebrate career paths and careers in linguistics. Check out more stories on our YouTube channel!

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