Career Linguist List of Services:

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Individual Consulting

Focusing on an hour of story listening and feedback on a story in development or career text of your choosing.


Career Linguist will guide you in framing and analyzing language in a variety of contexts that involve storytelling about career/work: networking, informational interviewing, Resume/CV, Cover Letter, Social Media (presence and outreach), Elevator Pitch, Formal Interviewing, Statements of Purpose, and Research.

From $125

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Designed to help linguists bring language and communication skills to thinking about career. We will find, refine, and practice stories that can be used in the texts and interactions which comprise job searching. 


Note: You need not be a linguist to participate, but you do need to be someone who is curious about language and its ability to do things like construct identity and meaning in interaction.

From $500


Focusing on story as a central tool, sharing stories of career linguists who have found innovative ways to put linguistics to work and adopting a story approach (story listening, finding, & telling). 


The workshops are designed to engender a sense of ownership, agency, and creativity to thinking about why the world of work needs linguists.

From $500

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Why Career Linguist

Career Linguist will help you bring a story approach to career. A linguist’s eye is invaluable in navigating the highly textual genres that surround career education, exploration, and professional self-presentation. 

Through increased awareness of how language, and especially narrative, works in these contexts, we aim to provide services to help job seekers better tell stories that do what is wanted and don’t do what isn’t.

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