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Our Mighty Network is a community to support Linguists’ career development. We encourage, provide resources for linguists (and non-linguists), and learn from one another while staying connected to our field of study.

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Co-working Sessions

Involves coming together to complete tasks and connect with others in the field.


Biweekly sessions that make space for connection, discovery, and opportunity.

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Themed Discussions

This includes book clubs, guest speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions.

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Campfire Stories

Catch up on videos that feature Anna Marie Trester interviewing real life Career Linguists in the world of work.

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Information to learn about linguistics and explore what you can do with a degree in linguistics.

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Career Profiles

What does a linguist’s career path look like? Read highlights about career paths taken by linguists.

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More Resources for Linguists

Extra resources such as communities to join, professional associations, podcasts, and publications.

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Whether you’re curious about services, community, linguistics, or other resources for linguists (and non-linguists), we’re here to answer any questions.

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