Pocket Full-of-Stories

Approach your next career event - be it gearing up for some networking or (informational) interviews, launching your book/album, or curating your professional portfolio - by having a set of stories at the ready.

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As a job seeker, having a pocket full of stories is probably the very best thing that you can do to be really ready to seize the opportunity presented by all of the conversational interactions that you are about to be engaging in!


Three of us come together for a chat on zoom (you and two story listeners). We’ll kick things off with a story finding exercise to get memories rolling. Then, you’ll share some of what you found: images and memories of projects, colleagues, and collaborators that form key moments from your work life. These reveal patterns and become the raw material for stories.

What to Expect:

We’ll activly story listen by putting your stories into conversation with one another, but also by putting your stories into conversation with your work values, as revealed through the your results from the VIA inventory that you will have done ahead of time.


Next, we story listeners will do some story work behind the scenes, and you’ll receive – a few days later – a story telling guide indicating which stories stuck in our minds. These highly memorable stories and story sparks merit a coveted spot in your “pocket, “and we’ll reflect with you about how you can best use them.


  • Expected commitment: 3 hours

  • Cost for the session: $300

*Budget sensitivity means that I am open to exploring options, including sponsorship and collaborations (i.e. identifying partnering schools, or coordinating around other travel).  Let’s discuss!

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"One of the things I love about this major is its incredible versatility, but the many choices can be overwhelming. You gave me some amazing ideas of where to begin and how to maximize my chances of finding a job in the field that I love."

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Hayley C., University of Colorado Linguistics Major