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(Virtual) Career Camp

We linguists see solutions to puzzles, we see patterns in chaos, we are not afraid of ambiguity – all of which can (and should) be brought to the challenges which face our world – in short: we can bring linguistics to work. Career Camp has been designed by Anna Marie Trester, Career Linguist, author of Bringing Linguistics to Work to help linguists explore and educate themselves about careers to be equipped to do just that!!  You chose linguistics because you were passionate about the possibility and the power of language, so why not creatively seek wide application of these as well as your powerful analytical skills and problem-solving?

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This group’s most important function is to help its members break down the process into small, manageable pieces.  We will work as part of a community, and support one another in making progress by holding one another accountable for plans, deadlines, and action items. Knowing that we will meet weekly (on Fridays) means that there is a place to bring questions / concerns / ideas and successes as we collaboratively figure out what comes next! Also, we learn better in community – as Richard Bolles describes in What Color is Your ParachuteWe will focus on LinkedIn because as described by Reid Hoffman in The Start Up of You –  the goal in any job search is to stir the pot, catalyze momentum, court good serendipity!  The activities and exercises have been designed to help use this powerful tool to do just that!

Weekly activities will focus on bringing a linguistic lens to the texts and interactions that comprise the job search:

  • At the beginning of the week you will get a video mini-lecture with activity instructions.
  • During the week, you will be focused on the stories that structure particular career texts or interaction (i.e. resume, or informational interview).
    • Orientation – WHY are you here? (campfire: July 7th)
    • 2nd week –story practice (campfire: July 14th)
    • 3rd week – story listening (campfire: July 21st)
    • 4th week – story finding (campfire: July 28th)
    • 5th week – story telling (campfire: Aug 4th)
  • At the campfire, we will discuss what you have been working on all week. Each participant will get a chance to share and get and give feedback and support / share ideas with their fellow campers, and ask questions.
    • All our weekly calls are  @1pm PDT/ 4pm EDT
    • to close out the series, a final one-on-one with Anna Marie

Expected weekly commitment: 4-5 hours  / Cost for the series: $250

By the end of camp, your pack will be filled with all the tools that you will need to get on out and navigate the next steps of your journey! You will even have done some thinking about your map and met some fellow travelers to help you along the way: Here’s to what’s next!


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