Career Camp

Career Camp was designed to hold space for career exploration and education.

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Make progress on your career next steps, break down the interrelated processes of career education, exploration, and professional self-presentation, and make progress as part of a community by bringing linguistic ways of listening to career contexts.


Career Camp is five weeks of focused activities and structured feedback on the stories used in career interactions, based on activities from Bringing Linguistics to Work. Weekly discussions and activities focus on bringing a linguistic lens to the stories which comprise the texts and interactions surrounding the job search. Gain some clarity on where are, where you have been, and where you are going!

What to Expect:

  • Each week begins with a video mini-lecture with activity instructions
  • On Fridays, we gather around the campfire. Each participant gets a chance to share, get, and give feedback and support / share ideas with their fellow campers.
  • To close out the series, everyone gets a final one-on-one with Anna Marie

By the end of camp, your will be filled with all the tools that you will need to get on out and navigate the next steps of your career journey. 


  • Expected weekly commitment: 4-5 hours

  • Cost for the series: $500

*Budget sensitivity means that  we are open to exploring options, including sponsorship and collaborations (i.e. identifying partnering schools, or coordinating around other travel).

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"Career Camp taught me how to properly evaluate my successes as successes... I now know I have people who think like I do in my corner, and that's immensely helpful as I figure out how to present myself to employers"

a photo of Elodie Schley

Elodie Schley, Future Graduate Student